Monday, February 23, 2009

also fanzine reviews aswell

DENY EVERYTHING 3 - Hardcore punk rock fanzine from Adeleide, Southern Australia. Editor talks about being arseholefucked (metaphorically) and does not like the UV Race EP. Says it's for people who ride bicycles. That's a fuckin good record!

DISTORT 18- wherein DX pontificates over the Straightjacket Nation United States tour of 2008, regaling readers w/ stories of unbridled tourism, as well as providing some writ on the meanings behind tracks on the "Cheap Kicks" LP record. Distort has long existed a _______ of quality fanzine writing, with Daniel being as close of a Lester Bangs type as could likely be published today via this modicom and within the stained circle in which it were conceived, in terms of producing music writing as entertainment, as intelligent discourse, as "genuine" literature. This issue doses plenty of the thoughtful, oftentimes humorous and bat shit demented prose that should be expected given the increased quality and progression over previous installments. Also included is interview with band the Brain Handles, whose records all suck the big one but are supposedly a force to be reckoned with live in person.

STAINED SHEETS 1.2- Collaborative effort between some Melbournewrit-crit types. Quality content what includes interviews with Lamps and Kurt Vile, and I count myself an ardent fan of both. However, much of said content appears to have been previously published and conviniently cropped from the interweb. None the less, Rhys Davies writes a fine record review and I can definately see this brand becoming a mainstay by the shitter upon future installments.

ZGUN2- Content less immediately appealing than that what graces the pages of it's predecessor (which boasted amazing articles on Pink reason and the Brainbombs), with write-ups on the likes of Singhtings and Fabuolous Diamonds. More reviews than you should need or want to read. Drunks With Guns article kills it. Buy it for that.

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