Friday, August 8, 2008

Play 'n rate...Another month, another wad

BLACK ORPHAN “s/t” 7”:
Minimal synth cassettencombinat from a former member of Das Spits (not the femme fronted Nuclear Crayons-styled band from Sydney, but that stoopid ass ‘Merican g.punk one), w/ a frontal lobotomy induced sense of d’uh-umor. Kind of like if that Blank Dog fella were genuinely retarded rather than just ‘dark’ and ‘mysterious’. Excellent glow-in-the-dark sleeve, with a couple minor design variants. (UFO Dictator)

BUSTER PUNTER ‘Jesus Is Coming’ CD:
Distorted pub-punk-thud been blabbered over by slurred, spoken word bogan philosophy. Picture Bad Boy Bubby wingin’ through his best Mark E. Smith impression, while fronting a poorly rehearsed Aztecs cover band. I prefer potato chips w/ my Toohey’s but sometimes I’ll open a pack’a salted nuts. (Forest St. Records)

Future/primitive who’s-hidin’-in-that-bunker noise in a Residents/ Suicide/ Primitive Calculators kind of way, OR clinical synth driven skronk from an underground Mind Kampf. Not so much apocalyptic as it is stuck in intensive care. Members of just about every other Seattle band worth’a shit (Fatcunts, A.F.C.G.T.A.C.G.T.C etc). (Self Released)

Hey, here’s a coupl’a welcome + ESSENTIAL pieces of archival drip which from whence they came was darned revelatory… (Messthetics/DATW)

LEPER PRINT ‘Coma’ 7”:
…what makes for an apt segue-way into this brand new banger, from 'cross the pond. Totally CHARMING one man UK DIY via Portland, Oregon. Skeletal and swamped in echo, with the propulsive bombast of an OG Messthetic (like for instance, Dry Rib/D&tW) or happy, Happy Squid. Great shit! (Die Stasi)

NERVE CITY ‘Sole Survivor’ CS:
Cassingle (huh?) of reverb-heavy “outsider” hum which’s fast becoming run of the mill in the market, with enough going for it to shtick. Namely a decent set of guitar driven tunes which bring to mind such luminaries as the Velvet Underground (ca. Venus in Furs) and The Velvet Underground (ca. Sister Ray). I much prefer the Pink Noise, whose bedroom baked guitar’n synth crunch is entirely rooted in o-d-d, also the long haired, cheesesteak fed psych/blues/dylan amalgam of Kurt Vile; I like that more too, but that’s writing for another time. (Self Released)

An r’n’r platter as tasty as what the Anals brought, who’re part of that same French punk conglomerate of sleaze/dirt/glam (La Grande Triple Alliance Internationnale de L'Est). Stews in a broth of post-industrial thawk a’la D.A.F/U.S. Maple with a smutty, cum spayed disco bent. Into it. (Tanzprocesz)

LTD to 1000 edition reissue of what’s a late 60’s West Coast acid/psych monster. Guitar driven and laden with sound effects; strong experimental leanings creep from a molten-pop core, washed out w/ a couple-tab’s-in-the-kool-aid. Are you experienced?! (Tapestry)

SCREAM “Still Screaming” LP:
This’s an interesting mix of prevailing early 80’s harDCore styles spread over a diverse and well rounded long player.. An over reliance on gang vocals (and general weak vocal delivery) and some slowed down, bass driven, almost skalite tracks hinder what’s otherwise a beaut. “New Song” is a veritable DCHC classic. (Dischord)

UV RACE – s/t 7”:
Baw baw blues..Outta’ control kids.. I fuggin DIG this crews’ sloppy garage punk played with the incompetent kick of The Godz, and the agitation of Die Electric Eels. Real-deal anthems for Australia’s yewth (yo!), what’s looser than yr sister’s snarky button clad blue-haired friend, and funner’n a jumbo set of lego, man! Rythmn section is comprised of Straightjacket Nation members, Australia’s best jazz ensemble. (Aarght!)

WICKED AWESOMES “Information Entropy” 7”:
“Hooray for everything” themed pop-punk in the vain of Busted! and/or (latter day) Fountains of Wayne. At least that’s what’s expected (was hoping for?) given the band name. It’s branded Almost Ready Records, so one sharn’t know quite what to expect b’fer listening. What I heard was wobbly, off-centre and near surf-sounding punk melodies w/ vocals what at times sound like the lead-into-chorus bit from Ballroom Blitz. B-side sounds entirely different to that description. Absurdity! I do like the out of timeyness of this single. But I still like “Stacy’s Mom” more. (Almost Ready)

ZOLA JESUS – s/t 7”:
Lastly, here’s more from the crimson wave (eww...) of Lafayette, Indiana, and its multilayered fuzz trapped under key-driven primitivism, ripe w/ pop hooks. A handful of tracks and each has an I-can’t-put-my-finger-on-it aura to it, which invites repeated listens. Released by the same bloke who handled the Leper Print EP. It’s pretty good. (Die Stasi)

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