Friday, August 15, 2008

..they will never be divided.. SIC ALPS 'United' 7"

SIC ALPS "United" 7"
It takes either a pair of considerable girth or plain ‘ole ignorant naivety to attempt a Throbbing Gristle cover in this day and age, and as is evidenced on this single-sided one-sider, which contains only one side of vinyl worth of music, California duo SIC ALPS is packin’ knickers. Their shambolic, just right-fi take on “United” is a you-bloody-ripper!!…one which manages to transfuse metallic, hollow industrial into a jangly, psychedelic high-end burn, blowing Crispy Ambulance’s mumbling art-fag rendition outta’ conscious memory (thank Christ fer that!). What were creepy little early-worms trapped in a mechanical cocoon, in this rendition has blossomed into a crittery & glittery butterfly. Watch out though ‘cause them spores hold a CANON of venom, and of that you can be sure. This is psych-pop music unmistakably for NOW, what’d leave John’s and Pauls’ and Marc’s of past frothing at the mouth w/ vengeance & deliria and wondering why THEY couldn’t come up with a few more these numbers “back in the day”. I’m such an asshole collector, sorry BIG FAN OF THIS ROCK GROUP, that I had to go 'n get all four colour variants of the fuckin’ thing. It sounded exactly the same on every one, ‘cept for that the golden boy (limited to 200 copies) what was caked with some factory dust residue, which in effect produced a slurred, crackling sound. Very, very nice single; probably the quintessential ‘Alps 7” artifact to date. (important records)

The new LP also, is a good thing.

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