Tuesday, August 26, 2008

swimmin' in piss.. UPDATE.

hey.. p.twist web log is on temporary hiatus while i get to work on a print issue, scheduled for release at the end of september. no posts 'cause for the time required, and my not wanting to dump all'a my 'creative resoruces' into this blog. i mailed off a page last week to daniel-x (of straightjacket nation, distort zine notoriety) for inclusion in the next "kill or maim" comp zine.. so depending on whether that gets out before the full length will determine primitive's debut print appearance.. stoked!!!!!!!!

tentative line up for mag;
drunkdriver, stick men w/ raygun, circle pit interviews.. (plus maybe 1 or 2 more)
record reviews...
articles to be announced at a later time.

if you're interested in contributing to the zine w/ rec reviews, photo's, pontification etc.. please let me know asaspsasp. 

some good new records i've been jammin' to:
lakes - cloven lp
corndawg - s/t lp
bad boy butch batson - lp
brainbombs - live lp
new violent students cd
flower travellin' band - satori reissue
blank realm - everything!!

also here's an interview with melbourne band PATHETIC HUMAN that i've neglected posting for a bit.. their tape entitled "unexpected death" is still availalbe from the stained circles recording label, and is a stellar example of modern hardcore played in an abrasive noiserock manner... j)oel.. l)iam..t)om..b)ryce

1) is this yr first i/v for a webzinelog? how do you feel about blogs? blog vs. print zine??

t. print zine 'cos you can't wipe your ass with a computer, even though we are rocking a fair nerd status at the moment. blogs we dig; saturn masque, sweat lung, distort, sabbatical, etc.
l. print zines because i like the sensation of touching things with my hands...

2) if you cold make an acronym for B.L.O.G what would it be?? how about bacon, Lettuce, Onion and Guacomole (as in for a sandwich)?? any vegans in the band??

b. boiled little ovaries = gourmet.
l. breaking laws over genitals.
t. no vegans in the band. 2 vegos, 1 sellout and 1 chiller.

3) when did the band start, and why? could you tell somethin' interesting about each member??
what kinda lives do you live etc..

t. 'cos miso-maniax broke up, you need something to do, eh.
l. bored, restless, sick of smoking weed and you need a band to reflect the insanity of every day life.

4) pathetic human is my favorite kinda hardcore band. that what plays fast, raw hc hardcore, in a sort of noisy/r'n'r playing field. lo-fidelity, raw, blown out etc. was this what you intended for the band, or does it just turn out this way.. naturally??

t. we wanted it to be raw and really dirty like melbourne train lines and hutchies baby springa. we of course achieved it because we're mad cunts.

5) what are the bands influences, musically and non-musically speaking?

t. booze, weed, crawf's dvd "no cum dodgers allowed", black metal, turbo-violence, no-wave.
l. space, medicinal plants, psychedelic experiences, raw uk hip-hop, forest adventures.
j. carpathian, parkway, getaway plan and other real hardcore.

6) are there any modern/current/local bands you feel a kind of 'affinity' towards, and howso??

t. final draft, hoi pinoi, axrxmx and new cali pv.

7) "Downsided" Vs. Crossed Out s/t 7", and for what reasons??
t. downsided. it's flat chat. bryce says the same.
b. lamnent.
l. crossed out.

8) what are your thoughts on guy from local emo band "i am the prom queen" appearing on channel 10's syndicated show big brother? do you think this is in any way contributed to the show being cancelled after it's 8 year on-air run??

t. what is big brother and who the fuck is crafter?
l. forest > tv.

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